Your Health, Our Responsibility

Eternal Healthcare International  Club (EHIC) was foundedin year 2015, and within two (2) years time, we have aggressively researched onglobal healthcare statistics and developed relevant healthcare applications. Weproudly announcedthe official establishment of EHIC in year 2017. With allthe information accumulatedover these years, we then transform it accordingly to our core value, that isto optimize the information in providing customized healthcaresolutions to our club members.

Building Big Data Healthcare Center in Asia

By analyzing big data segments into small data, docking many private companies and government health departments to create a true Big Data health center to help more people get exclusive health programs.

We are committed to the development of exclusive AI Health management, through our health smart products Health intelligent ecosystem, docking medical platform and institutions in countries around the world to improve health awareness, growth and impact.

EHIC‘s Vision & Mission





Health Data

Health Data is the root and base ofEHIC. We also worked on data sharing with private agencies and governmentbodies to further enhance application of the data, analysing the data intoinformation. With such reports, we can provide more accurate and offerpersonalized healthcare solutions to our club members, at the same timeoffering simple and affordable healthcare for everyone.

Smart Healthcare Ecosystem

This Smart Healthcare Ecosystemestablished by EHIC aims to become everyone’s health guardian. We invest andinvent our own examination equipment, Smart Healthcare Digital Products,Healthcare Management Apps etc. in order to achieve our vision to construct apersonalized Smart Healthcare Management for every individual.

Personalized Healthcare Solutions

With the advancement of InternetTechnology in this era and utilizing such technology, EHIC drivesfor personalizedserviceswhich can create the utmost values yet with minimal cost and energy. As such,with the healthcare data analysis and the Smart Healthcare Ecosystem, weestablished personalized healthcare solutions including Healthcare products,Health Relish Program, Health Insurance, Medical Treatment, Aesthetic Medical,Medical Tourism, Community Service etc.

Government  / Private Medical Agencies

HealthCare Data

EHIC has worked numerous years to construct the healthcare databank and application with Malaysia’s governmentand private medical agencies. This will lead the industry to move forwardtowards the future with personalized Smart Healthcare Management.

Sonne Sauna


EHIC has partnered with Germany’srenown healthcare company to launch the exclusive Sonne Sauna,which operates on Infra-red technology. This Sauna technology is supported byreports of the world medical organizations where it has been verified effectivein reducing Modern Day diseases.

Vdox Mixed Fruits Veggie Enzyme

Detox Product

According to various health data, due tounhealthy lifestyle, people nowadays are more likely to develop diseases suchas hypertension, diabetes, obesity and skin problems. These problems aresusceptible to toxic accumulation in the body. As such, EHIC has decided tobegin with detoxification product---Vdox Mixed Fruits Veggie Enzyme. With Vdox, youcan enjoy a hassle free detox regime!

Weight Management Series

Weight Management

Obesity is main culprit to many diseases.In EHIC, we believe in preventive healthcare where the main key to health is tomaintain a healthy body weight.

Eternal Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

China’s Medical and HealthcareTreatment in Malaysia has increased 17% since year 2016, and with China loosenup on their One-Child Policy, many individuals have seek for ReproductiveTreatment. As of now, our members can also seek professional medical treatmentsin other countries from our strategic healthcare partners.

Eternal Health Insurance

Medical and Health Insurance

The invention of new technologies andresources generatethe highest value in the medical and health insurance system.

Eternal Healthcare Management

Smart Healthcare Management Service

We explore and invent accurate healthmanagement at the same time improving our healthcare products. We also transmithealthcare awareness and solutions via the application ofSmart Technology, Life Sciences Analysis and etc., byoffering to mankind healthcare products and precise healthcare managementservices.